When the price of your favorite NFT is out of budget, you can use the "Offer" feature to see if the seller is willing to accept it at a lower price, or bid on it during a bidding event.

1. Click on the NFT you'd like to purchase, click "Make an Offer"

2. Click 'Approve & Sign' to authorize Lootex to assist with selling the product. 
Please notice gas fee will be charged.

3. Confirm the transaction on Metamask. 
It depends which chain the NFT is on to charge the corresponding token.

4. Enter the price and expiration. 
If there isn't sufficient amount of wrapped token, click on ”How to get WMATIC (or other corresponding tokens)” on top-right of the price box for further information.
The minimum offering price on Lootex is 0.0001.

5. You can deposit token to your wallet first, or directly covert the balance to wrapped token. 

 6. The rate of swapping is 1:1.

7. Click on 'Confirm'. Please be noticed gas fee will be charged.

8. Wait for the transaction to be processed

9. The swapping is done.

10. Make sure you have sufficient wrapped tokens for the offer, set the expiry date, and click "Make an Offer".

11. Authorize and sign again, there's no gas fee required this time. 

If you see message as follows, you've successfully placed an offer.

12. The offer can be viewed on the page of the NFT. 

The seller will pay for the transactional Gas Fee if he accepts your offer. The system will then charge the amount of wrapped tokens you offered.

If you have any questions, you can tell us more about your issues by rising a ticket and get in touch with our Agent. for creating a ticket click here!