Lootex is currently developing these features on our roadmap

Multi-chain support — On top of the blockchains that Lootex currently supports, many other layer-2 solutions have been put into the pipeline. Switching between different networks on Lootex will be a seamless process, allowing players to view ALL of their assets. a
Edit Extra In-Game Asset Data — Let players add additional information about NFTs on top of the metadata, such as which games they can be used in, their rarity level, and how to use them to earn rewards. 
Build Your Own Storefront — Let game developers or guilds use drag and drop images or media files to easily open their own store on Lootex. Batch transfer or purchase NFTs will make large quantity trading a breeze 
Lootmap — Special trading interfaces designed for different game asset types 
Lootpedia — Game guide created and supported by the game community 
Lootswap — Items swap and cross-chain payments 
Lend & Borrow In-Game Assets — Players will be able to loan out assets in return for tokens like ETH, BNB, and MATIC. Crypto can also be used as collateral for borrowing gaming assets.