Below we will introduce three types of wallets: Trust Wallet, Fortmatic and MetaMask.

- Trust Wallet is the official decentralized cryptocurrency wallet of Binance, easy to access, pay and buy cryptocurrency; 
- Fortmatic is a wallet that does not require a password to use, a phone number or email can be connected to Ethereum; 
- MetaMask is a way to connect to Ethereum using Chrome browser, which is a relatively low barrier for newbies!

Let's see what wallets you need to buy NFTs on different chains!

1. To purchase NFTs on Ethereum, please select one of the following three wallet to create and follow the instructions to install:

(1) Trust Wallet
(2) MetaMask
(3) Fortmatic

2. To purchase NFTs on Binance or Polygon (previously Matic), please install MetaMask: