Few things you need to have to sell NFT item on Marketplace:

1. A crypto wallet and a NFT item, visit link below if you do not have one (NFT item) 
2. Sufficient Tokens in your crypto wallet (to pay for the first listing fee)


You only need to pay the listing fee once for the same NFT item.

Let's get into it!

1. First, head to the Marketplace: https://lootex.io/
2. Login to your crypto wallet
3. Hit the 'Vault' button 

4. Select the NFT item you wish to sell and click 'sell'

5. Hit 'Agree & Authorize'. 
We need your authorization to assist every (first) NFT item you wish to sell on Marketplace.

6. Set your selling price and hit 'confirm to sell'

7. Click 'check' to view sale detail

8.    Item successfully listed on Marketplace should look like this


You have successfully listed your first NFT item for sale!