Please try to refresh your vault data

You can find this feature in the menu after moving your mouse on your wallet address on the top-right of Lootex site. 
It may take a few minutes for the site to retrieve the data, please wait with patience. 

If the NFT is still missing, refresh your NFT manually:
1. Check your vault (*your WalletAddress*)

Go to BSC/Ether/Polygon scan (depends on which chain the NFT is) and search for your Wallet on the search bar OR copy the Wallet address and paste it at the end of this URL: 

Check the Erc721 Token and check the transactions to see if you still own the NFT 
(IN: owner, OUT: not owner) → click on Txn Hash → copy the contract address and the Token ID

Paste on*ContractAddress/*tokenID → click on “...” → Refresh data

Back to your vault on Lootex and check if the NFT is displayed