The origin of the company’s name, Lootex, was "Loot + Exchange".  
The Lootex team was founded by David Tseng and Justine Lu, both of whom have extensive experience in game development and blockchain technology. The core team of Lootex consists of game industry veterans. Supported by a team of 22, Lootex is passionate about the products it creates and ensures that each and every feature and update it releases is the best it can be.
They know what gamers want, they’ve played the games, and they personally use Lootex.

The team was inspired by the movie "Ready Player One", and we want to liberate the digital asset ownership back to players hands.  No longer should players valuable and hard work in-game items be vanished when game publishers shut down the server.
Lootex wants to help game developers understand the value of blockchain technology, and let players have lots of game options that support this vision. 
Our ultimate goal is to make Lootex a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). We want to do everything as one. Everything that we are building now is for the foundation of our community. We believe that having this strong community backing us will help us pave the way to the top of the blockchain gaming ecosystem.